• Dreams

    I have trained extensively in various modalities of dream work and I am certified as a clinical dream tender. My approach with dreams is to use them as a guiding compass to the unique individual’s psyche terrain and I use the various techniques I am trained in, but predominately use intuition – both yours and mine – to work with the dream. Often the client’s material “bleeds” into my dreaming psyche as part of the transference process in therapy.

    Four basic premises I rely on in dream work are: the psyche is multi-dimensional, dreams are alive, everything dreams, and dreams happen now. These are the essential building blocks in dream tending developed by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat. In keeping with the premise of everything dreams, that includes the world’s soul dreams, and, in fact, we are part of a larger dream belonging to something greater than our individual egos. Because dreams are alive and animating all the time, I do not attach a single meaning to a dream symbol (for example the kind of interpretation that you can lookup in a dream dictionary). Rather, I encourage a curiosity and fostering of a relationship to the dream figure, as though one were meeting a new person they wanted to get to know.

    Dreams often come into individual therapy, as well as groups that are focused on dreams.

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