Common reasons people work with me


As a depth psychotherapist, I work with you to explore the underlying issues.  Depth psychotherapy is different than traditional counseling in that counseling generally focuses on a single issue and making a specific decision.  Depth therapy, as the name indicates, looks into issues and patterns of behavior at a deeper level.  “Symptoms,” however, can show up in myriad ways.  Below are a number of possibilities.


Struggling with any form of addiction • Feeling depressed and down • Tired, stuck and unable to get out of a rut • Anxious, worried, or unable to relax or feel at ease • Burdened by racing thoughts you can’t seem to quiet • Stressed or overwhelmed and having a hard time functioning the way you want to • In a quarter- or mid-life crisis and feeling lost • Having hard time focusing or sleeping • Struggling with a significant relationship or marriage • Struggling with emotional intimacy and/or sexual intimacy • Struggling with working through an affair or infidelity and/ or the effects of one on you and others • Contemplating or experiencing a relationship break up or divorce • Having difficulties with dating/ meeting the right partner, creating a sustainable relationship • Experiencing creative blocks and want help breaking through • Struggling with career or life-work path/ purpose, finding fulfillment and satisfaction with work • Adjusting to significant changes in your life • Struggling with grief from the loss of someone or something you love • Feeling like you can’t put your finger on what’s wrong; that something’s missing from your life and relationships and you want to find out what it is • Seeking to deepen your relationship with spirituality so as to experience more aliveness and connection — more juice, reverence and appreciation for what is really vital to you on your path • Seeking deeper meaning and purpose in your life • Wanting to cultivate your authentic voice, your true self and individuality • Having difficulty changing troubling patterns that seem to be holding you back • Longing to create a purposeful life • Longing for the experience of a more enriching and reciprocal romantic love • Wanting to make a deeper, soul-centered connection with your Self.

  • “Hard to believe, but the hypochondrias are taking care of us, the depressions are slowing us down, obsessions are ways of polishing the image, paranoid suspicions are ways of trying to see through—all these moves of the pathological are ways we are being loved in the peculiar way the psyche works.”

    James Hillman

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