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  • AuthorStacey Shelby
  • Date 11 January 2018
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Many women find that we come into relationship with the wild woman archetype around midlife—something shakes us awake and causes the ground to fall out from under our feet: maybe childbearing, maybe a crisis, there are numerous possibilities. At that point, we struggle and strive to make meaning, to understand, to receive guidance, to wake up! The ego gets jostled about facing challenge after challenge, until we become conscious of the unconscious—in other words, we awaken to the archetypal forces that are ever acting upon us. After much effort we learn, ironically, to just be. The aim, if there is an aim, is to simply live our lives after the hard-won reward of waking up. There is so much wit and wisdom in the simplicity of “just being,” yet it is necessary to go through the discomfort involved in awakening. Ultimately, we find our own personal way of being in the world, and then, with consciousness, we just live. The transformative journey of individuation is one of paradox and on-going reconciliation of often disparate perspectives; the process impels women towards wholeness, and in-divisibility. It is a journey of creating a uniquely ensouled, beautiful life. Engagement with the wild woman archetype offers us a way of being in the world that revers soul, love and beauty.

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