Living and Loving Erotically

, by Stacey Shelby

  • AuthorStacey Shelby
  • Date 23 November 2014
  • CategoryPsychology


Conference presentation

“Pothos, Eros & Aphrodite: Meditations on the Gods who Drive our Wanderings”

The Study of Myth Symposium: Exploring Myth: Culture, Theory, Practice

September 2, 2012


This was a panel presentation at The Study of Myth Symposium. Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA

Paper Title: Living and Loving Erotically

, by Stacey Shelby


Abstract: Eros, the god of Love, is a primordial force, the Creative force. He arrives with chaos and uncertainty; he resides in shadowy mysterious realms, ever elusive and ungraspable, yet profoundly rearranging life. His opposite seems to be Apollonian order, clarity, and certainty – ego’s friend.  To have the blessing of Eros alighting upon us is to “fall in love,” fall into unknown depths, and to tolerate not having control.  As we mature and come to know who we truly are, we may fall in love with an-other wondrous mystery different from ourselves, or it may well be our own lives that we fall in love with.  We may fall in love with our vocation, or fall into our vocation, and perhaps have to abandon our security and safety for our passion.  This paper tries to capture the elusive essence and honour the disorder of Eros.

Stacey Shelby’s personal passions are around supporting soulful engagement in life with dreams, shamanism and living Erotically. Her love is soul, and, just as Psyche searches for Love, Eros also searches for psychological relatedness.

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