Tracking the Wild Women Archetype

A Guide to Becoming a Whole, In-divisible Woman

By midlife, a woman may become conscious of some of the ways culture has overdomesticated her, and she may have become aware of her own wild, instinctual animal nature. The wild woman archetype within a woman’s psyche is an expression of her innate, soulful essence. Many women within patriarchy become socialized in a way that leads them to be overly “civilized” or overly “domesticated” almost from birth and that domestication affects how they express their sexuality and conduct relationships. When a woman becomes conscious of the wild woman archetype, she then becomes free to explore sexuality and relationships on her own terms.

Coming Jan. 22, 2018…

Meet the Author 

Dr. Stacey Shelby

Stacey Shelby, Ph.D, is an author, speaker and depth psychotherapist. She is also a Registered Clinical Counselor (RCC) in Canada, a certified clinical dream tender, and she has studied in shamanic and yoga traditions. She has a thriving clinical practice in Squamish, British Columbia, where she works with adults in various stages of personal transformation in person and via the phone and internet. She is gifted at working with the symbolic language of the soul and she is dedicated to honoring the soul as it presents in the lived experience of daily life.

Book Reviews

What people are saying

“Stacey Shelby’s book on the archetype of the wild woman is a brave and deeply thoughtful and honest exploration of the complex, mysterious and often troubling interconnections between love, sexuality, and our search for inner wholeness.”

Christine Downing
author of The Goddess

“Drawing on an impressive range of sources and moving deftly from one subject area to another, Stacey Shelby writes with courage and insight from her own personal experience, illuminating the challenges facing contemporary women as they seek to recover the lost connection to their inner depths of wildness and integrate this into their lives. Supported by scholarly research, Tracking the Wild Woman is a deep and thoughtful book about relationships, sexuality, psychology, and growth. Yet its language is engaging and fluid, rendering the mysteries of the psyche more accessible to us all.”

Keiron Le Grice
professor of depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and author of several books, including The Archetypal Cosmos and The Rebirth of the Hero.

“A soulful work of depth and beauty connecting us to the wildness within.”

Jan Clanton Collins, Ph.D
Jungian Analyst

5 out of 5 Stars – Oh, hell yes!


A mature, expansive contemplation

A mature, expansive contemplation of wholeness and a highly satisfying read.

Shelby masterfully draws on the current literature to inform her narrative and imagine the truly natural woman (or man) beyond the unspoken rules of power and the trends and buzzwords of resistance. While some may find some of the author’s assertions controversial, there are many “aha!” moments here for readers already on the path to individuation and steeped in Jungian symbols and Greek mythology. This is not a book for novices. In addition, there is no one path or method advocated here. The author’s prose at times approaches poetry yet acknowledges the daily challenges of work, children, and boredom.


Kirkus Book Review

This book is captivating and a pleasure to read

Dr. Shelby’s work is of great benefit for anyone seeking to become more conscious, foster a deeper connection with the self, and gain greater understanding of the subconscious forces that shape our lives. This book is captivating and a pleasure to read.


A must read …


Meet your soul

If you want to meet your soul, I suggest you read this book! I will warn You, it is NOT for the faint of heart! Let out your inner wild woman and she will guide you.


A must read

This book spoke to me so much. Very personal and insightful!

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